Two Nights in Kovalam Beach, Kerala

 Two Nights in Kovalam Beach, Kerala


I’ve been to Kovalam beach three times. Each time I go, I think one day is sufficient for Kovalam. I mean how long can you sit on a beach? But, once I hit the water all WhatsApp lucky Draw winner 2022  thoughts of leaving Kovalam were literally washed away. Here’s a description of the two nights we spent in Kovalam beach.

How We Got There

Kovalam is 16 Kms from Thiruvanandapuram (Trivandrum), which is the capital of India’s greenest state, Kerala. To reach Thiruvanandapuram, we caught the early morning Intercity from Kayamkulam. As it was the day after Christmas, there was a lot of rush in the train. We spent most of the two and a half hour journey on our feet. I managed to secure half a seat for me and my son at Varkala, which is about midway to Thiruvanandapuram. Since I had to keep my son amused, we played our own version of KBC. Some time later, two people got up and we gratefully relaxed our aching muscles. As the train pulled into the station, I glanced outside the window. The board read ‘Thiruvanandapuram Central.’ Drat! So much for a comfortable journey…

After coming out of the station, we caught an auto from across the road. A little haggling and then the autowallah agreed to take us to Kovalam for 100 Rupees. The journey to Kovalam beach just took a little over half an hour, and of course, was much more comfortable than the train.

Looking for Accommodation

Perhaps, one of the reasons that Kovalam beach is such a popular tourist spot is because it has accommodation to suit all budgets. You can take your pick from a Rs 400/- budget room to a 10,000/- a night room in a luxury hotel or beach resort. Since it was the holiday season, most of the private rooms in Kovalam were being offered at double or triple the original rate. Typically, the rooms a little away from the beach are better equipped than rooms that overlook the beach. We found a nicely furnished room just about 5 minutes from the beach. After we unpacked, we were ready to hit the water.



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