The Transformers Toys – Top 3 Transformers Most Wanted for Christmas


The new Transformers film – Dull of the Moon, has pushed these changing activity figure toys onto the “Top Toys for Young men” Christmas records for 2011, and it likewise presented a great deal of new characters for the children to add to their assortment. With so many toy decisions accessible, your gift shopping will be simpler assuming you know which of the Transformers characters are the most sweltering selling, and the ones most-needed by Transformers-kids all over the place. These three are as of now the top dealers at Toys r’ Us and


#1 – Optimus Prime Transformers Figure


The head of the MechTech Explorer class safeguards of Earth – Optimus Prime is the most requested Transformers toy, and is additionally the one with the 3 phase 3KVA transformeraccessible varieties. The standard 10-inch model that believers to, and from a beautiful semi-rig truck farm vehicle is the top selling model, yet he likewise comes in sizes going up to the 22-inch electronic Extreme Optimus Prime, and sets that incorporate an Optimus trailer that proselytes into his Omega battle protective layer – preparing a wonderful blend to thunder into fight any place the Decepticons strike.


#2 – Honey bee Transformers Figure


Changing from a cool honey bee yellow Camaro with wide dark dashing stripes, the Honey bee Transformer hits every one of the hot-buttons of little fellows. To start with, its strong suggestive look attracts them, then the mix of its marvelous fire-power and never-quit demeanor, (from the film), makes it happen. What little fellow hasn’t envision himself as the legend that contends energetically, gets wrecked, and afterward rises again to make all the difference. Because of his long history safeguarding Earth and culminating his abilities to battle, he is viewed as the most capable battling Autobot in the series, and he is additionally accessible as the Fight Operations Honey bee – with sounds that incorporate firing up motor sounds and different fight states that can be opened as he wins against Decepticon rivals. This Fight Operations adaptation incorporates new weapons and abilities to battle that work on his exhibition against the Decepticon foes. This Transformers activity figure has hustled from zipping around the locations of the film to the second* most famous Transformers activity figure.


#3 – Megatron, Decepticon Pioneer Transformers Figure


Each Legend must have a lowlife, and Megatron is a definitive enemy. As head of the Decepticons, Megatron is the most outstanding enemy of both Optimus Prime and Honey bee. This Transformers toy changes over into a military-looking Mack truck and trailer apparatus, and his blaster gun likewise changes over into an all the more remarkable combination gun. You don’t need to see the film to envision the furious fight scenes young men will concoct as two semi-rigs, (Optimus and Megatron), clash in the battle for Earth.


Albeit these are the top Transformers toy decisions, there are much more figures and frill accessible for your Transformers-youngster’s assortment.


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