Slovenia Estate Agents – Tips on Finding The Best Estate Agents

 Slovenia Estate Agents – Tips on Finding The Best Estate Agents


Slovenia has emerged as one of the best destinations to buy investment property in the world and with capital gains of 30 – 40% per annum being achieved in many areas; more investors are buying than ever.
There are many Slovenian Estate Bradley Witham agents to choose from and here we will look at them and the buying process

So what should you look for from a Slovenian estate agent?

  1. Don’t Use “Middlemen”

There are lots of “middlemen” selling property in Slovenia, however most are not regulated.
Look for licensed estate agents based in Slovenia that are regulated. This means the business by a strict set of rules, which ensures that you will receive the best service.

  1. Find an agent that knows Slovenia

Many middlemen are simply interested in selling their own properties and have a vested interest in doing so, of course these may not be the best ones for you. Find an estate agent that knows the areas they sell in and check that they are established and have a local knowledge.

  1. Match your aims with your location

Are you buying for capital gains, rental income a mixture of both?

Always try and match your lifestyle with the right location and find an agent that will understand and match these needs.

If you’re a skier check out the destination personally, the same goes for if you just want a retreat in the hills, by a river or maybe a city location such as in the capital Ljubljana.



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