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Unlike InDesign CC , which emphasized a new user interface more than new features, this release has major new features, some of which users have wanted for a long time. In addition, there are helpful new ways to filter fonts in the Font menu, an integration of the German Duden dictionary, improvements in export of HTML and PDF accessibility, and a number of other, smaller features.

As always, this major version upgrade brings a new file format. InDesign users have been able to add and manage footnotes in documents since version CS2. But until now, InDesign users have had to rely on third-party products or scripts to add endnotes at the end of a story or document. It has been more than 18 years since InDesign 1. But the wait is finally over. You can use InDesign CC to create endnotes for either a story or document, and the endnote frames can be placed in various locations.

You can now create an endnote similarly to creating a footnote: Place your insertion point where you want the endnote text reference to appear.

By default, a new page is added at the end of the document, and an endnote frame is created where you can enter the endnote text. InDesign places your insertion point between two colored markers, where you can enter text for the endnote. Subsequent endnotes in the same frame will be placed within new pairs of markers.

The reason that consecutive endnotes are placed between markers is that, unlike footnotes, endnotes often include text that is not part of an endnote—for example, headings or chapter numbers. You should place that text outside of the markers. Markers are not printable, and just visually indicate the area of an endnote.

By default, creating an endnote in another story places the endnote in the same document endnote frame. However, you can also choose to restart the numbering for each story in the same frame using a setting in the Endnote Options dialog box.

Or you can set the endnotes to follow each story. The endnote frame is a special kind of text frame. When the frame is selected, a special adornment on the bottom left indicates an endnote frame Figure 1.

To see it, you must select the frame with the Selection tool and turn on Show Frame Edges. Figure 1: Text in an endnote frame is placed between marker pairs.

Text that is not an endnote—for example, a chapter number—can be placed outside of the marker pairs. By default, an endnote frame is created based on the scope of the document. This scope means that it includes all the endnotes in the document, and it is created on a new page at the end of the document. In that case, a new endnote page will be created at the end of each story, and it will include endnotes only from that story. If you choose Story as the scope, you can alternatively choose Load the Place Cursor and place the endnote frame wherever you like.

This opens the Endnote Options dialog box Figure 2. Figure 2: The Endnote Options dialog box is where you specify the layout, numbering, and formatting for endnotes. Many of the Endnote options are the same or similar to those for setting footnotes.

The numbering options are similar except that endnote numbering can be based on a story. Prefixes and suffixes can be applied to a reference, to the endnote text, or both. Unlike footnotes, however, you can copy and paste endnotes and endnote frames.

You can also move endnotes within documents and even insert endnote references in a table. Sorry, no footnotes in tables yet. And, of course, the numbering of each endnote frame will auto-adjust based on the ordering of the endnote references in the text. Put all your endnotes at the end of the story, and now changed your mind? No problem! You can change the scope for endnotes between Document and Story. For example, if you change the scope from Document to Story, InDesign creates a new endnote frame for each story.

The previous document endnote frame and its page will be deleted. However, note that numbering will not be continuous when it is based on a story; each story has its own numbering and numbering restarts in each frame. Unfortunately, you cannot place endnotes at the end of a book document, or in a separate document in a publication made of multiple documents and compiled using the book panel. This is a serious limitation, as so many book designs require notes in the backmatter.

You can import Microsoft Word endnotes. All the endnotes are imported and added to a new document endnote frame. When you import multiple Word documents at the same time, all the endnotes of the documents are imported into a single frame. Back in InDesign CC , one of the most requested new features arrived: the ability to add shading behind a paragraph. But it was missing its companion feature—adding a border around the outside of the same paragraph. That deficiency has now been remedied with enhancements to paragraph shading and the addition of a paragraph border feature in CC The original Paragraph Shading feature gave you the ability to put shading behind the text in the paragraph, while setting its color, tint, and offset values on each side how far it should sit from the edge of the paragraph.

You can also choose to clip shading to the frame and prevent printing or exporting. Yes, that includes rounded corner shading! Figure 3: Paragraph Shading has been enhanced to include setting corner size and shape independently on each side. This example also uses the Paragraph Border feature on the same paragraph, shown on the left side of the figure. The new Paragraph Borders feature lets you create borders on all sides of a paragraph and apply them to one or more paragraphs.

The borders can either be used by themselves or combined with Paragraph Shading in the same paragraph Figure 4. Figure 4: The new Paragraph Borders feature can create borders independently on each side of a paragraph.

This example shows the border settings for the paragraph illustrated in Figure 3. The top section of Paragraph Border controls is Stroke settings. You can independently create borders on each side of the paragraph using the four controls for Top, Bottom, Left, and Right. Setting the stroke weight to zero or changing its color to None turns off a border. However, each of the four border segments must share other stroke attributes.

They cannot be set independently. As with Paragraph Shading controls, the paragraph borders can have independent Corner Size and Shape, and the controls look the same. Paragraph Borders also set controls for positioning similar to Paragraph Shading controls. There is one more option at the bottom that determines what happens when a paragraph border breaks across frames or columns. The default is to clip the border; if the option is selected, the border can be closed at the top or bottom of a column or frame.

These new paragraph-formatting controls are very welcome and pretty great. But there are features that should probably be added to future versions of paragraph borders. There are times when you want to ensure that multiple objects share the same size and position on a page. Previously, if you needed to make any sizing or positions changes to the objects, those edits had to be made for each instance of the object separately.

But InDesign CC adds the new Size and Position Options choice in the Object Styles dialog box, so you can make and modify certain page elements much more efficiently. Note that the new options support not only independent objects like text or unassigned frames; they can also be applied to anchored objects, tables, and image frames.

And of course InDesign offers you a reference icon to choose from which part of the object the position is measured. In the example shown in Figure 5, I created two objects styles for a sidebar—one for left pages, one for right.

The Width was set to adjust to the width of the column, but the Height might vary. The frame was positioned using the upper left reference point. Both the X and Y offsets were defined relative to the Page Edge. Another way to work with reusing object dimensions and position is with the Eyedropper tool.

This tool now has a new Transform Options choice, with options for Dimension and Position. With those options turned on, the dimensions and position are copied when you click on any object, and can then be applied to another object. For over two years, InDesign users have been able to store objects, color swatches, and paragraph and character styles in CC Libraries. What has been missing is the ability to repurpose text assets from a sentence to an entire story.

As with other CC library assets, you can use them yourself, or you can share them with other users. Text assets retain their paragraph and character styles and other attributes, such as color, that are applied to them.

Alternatively, you can select the text frame with the Selection tool to add all the text in the frame in the same way. If you select a text frame, you can drag and drop it over a CC library to add the text. TIP: Library linked text shows a Text icon in the Links panel, much like a locally linked text or spreadsheet file. Note that there is no option to link to text in a CC library without including formatting information. For example, you might want to put text such as a phone number in a CC Library and then link to it from several documents, formatting it differently in each file.

When text is exchanged, the applications maintain the styling to the highest degree possible. Any text property which exists in both applications will be maintained. For example, if you created some text in InDesign which was formatted with Adobe Garamond Pro, point size, with point leading, a first line indent, the color blue, and Keep Options, Illustrator would convert all the values to matching values in Illustrator.

To place the formatted text in Illustrator CC , drag without a modifier key from the Library panel. Or, drag with the Shift key to place unformatted text.

An AI or ID icon on a text asset indicates the originating application. You can edit a text asset in a CC library. To do so, either double-click the asset or right-click and choose Edit.


Adobe indesign cc 2018 rahim soft free

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Adobe indesign cc 2018 rahim soft free

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