Paintball Guns, Grenades and Gear Advice For the Novice

 Paintball Guns, Grenades and Gear Advice For the Novice


A brief historical background of Paintball and guns is necessary for novice player. After The Vietnam War, about two years, in 1976 three men named Hayes Noel, Bob   Gurney, and Charles Gains developed the game. The first guns were called Nel-Spot. Games were named “Capture the Flag.” New Hampshire can claim the first played game in 1981. By 1984 Paintball a .38 special ammo nd Paintball guns were becoming popular in Europe and in Australia guns.

The gun is not only used for fun but is also used military training and the police use the guns for apprehending criminals as well as crowd control. Paintball can be played indoors or outdoors. And the playing field is no predetermined size. Standard rules are not used for one field or another field. Although there are highly structured rules for many teams. The idea of the game is to reproduce a military battle field and military conditions. Therefore, a necessity to re-enact the battle are larger guns that can launch Grenades.

Results of an exploding grenade is a variety of colors. To screen players from the enemy smoke grenades are used. These Grenades produce orange smoke that covers 30,000 to 500,000 cubic feet. and the smoke can last from 3 minutes up to 15 minutes. The smoke emitted from the grenades is harmless and the player has no concerns about inhaling dangerous chemicals.

To be able to play the game to its fullest extent and of its capacity a player needs to invest in well made accessories and well made gear. The first needed is a Gun/marker. The guns are most important. Because, without the gun the game cannot be played. The idea of the game is to get rid of the enemy. Along with guns, Paintball, masks, and goggles consist of the essential gear needed to play the game. Paintballs are used by guns/markers as the ammunition. While there are many types of guns, there are only two types of markers. A gun that has an attached hopper or loader uses gravity to feed the paintball through the gun. The second is makers that are fed electronically by compressed air bottles or by carbon dioxide. Without the “Paintball” the game, again, could not be played.

The paintball is the game’s ammunition. The higher t

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