Kitchen Lighting – A Light For All Seasons

 Kitchen Lighting – A Light For All Seasons


If your kitchen is small, with no room for relaxing or socialising, then the most important aspect of your lighting scheme will be task lighting. LED lamps could almost have been  kitchen ceiling downlights

made for functional kitchens. Use LED downlights beneath wall cupboards to light the work surface, when combined with ceiling fitted directional spots you should have all the task lighting you need. Halogen spots are ideal for this and they can, should you wish, be the low voltage variety that work from a 12 volt transformer.

If you are lucky enough to have a large family kitchen, you will still need task lighting, but you will also need softer, ambient light for reading, relaxing, and socialising. Once again, halogen spots will provide this light for you. You could also introduce some accent lighting in the form of LED ribbons or strips beneath floor cupboards or above wall cupboards, where they will provide a gentle wash of light on the walls and ceiling.

In summary, whether you prefer LED kitchen lighting or halogen kitchen lighting, both are ideal for task lighting and ambient lighting. For accent lighting, you can create some stunning effects with LED lights.

Designer LED Lighting for your Kitchen!

Have you ever wondered how they achieve those kitchen lighting effects in the glossy magazines? It’s quite simple really, they use LEDs! LED lights have come on a long way since the old days. Available in a variety of colours and styles, you really can’t go wrong with LED kitchen lighting, which is why interior designers just love it.

LED lights can be soft and unobtrusive or, by using high power LED lighting, you can achieve real super-brightness. LEDs have a different character but they are every bit as good as halogen kitchen lighting.

In the kitchen, LED lamps are ideal for task lighting, whether used as spots wall cabinets, or as ceiling downlights; this is because LEDs are able to ‘pinpoint’ much better than traditional fluorescent strips or incandescent bulbs. For a designer flourish, you can use LED ribbons and strips, or strategically placed clusters of LED lamps.

LED kitchen lighting is efficient too, the lamps last much longer t



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