Hull City Football Club – City Independent Fanzine Review

Hull City Football Club – City Independent Fanzine Review


City Independent is a website and fanzine solely devoted to Hull City Football Club. Established back in the 1990s as an original printed format style of fanzine, CI continues  ผลบอล to grow and develop in the modern era and boasts the largest independent internet community for City fans from all around the world, while maintaining its traditional roots with a periodic magazine during the football season. Unsurprisingly, it is little wonder that when Hull City fans want an up to date and irreverent read about their football club, they continually turn to City Independent first.

So, how did it all begin?

City Independent began life as a collective of three Hull City fans keen to provide an independent voice for supporters in the mid 90s. Today, only one of the original editors remains in place, but the editorial team now consists of two ardent City supporters. The very first issue of the magazine was published over a decade ago, but even to this day, the fanzine version of CI continues to be sold to fans before, during and after home games.

What happened next?

Despite a clutch of competition – as was the current trend at the time in the 90s – all other printed variations of Hull City fanzines fell by the wayside. Now, City Independent is the ONLY fanzine that can still be found in magazine format – and continues to thrive with almost 100 issues put into circulation since inception, exclusively dedicated to the Tigers.

And now?

With the expansion of the internet and modern technology as it is today, City Independent has kept pace with the ever changing times. From primitive begins as an independent website, as City forums go, CI has now established itself as the number one place for news, views and opinions with a wide range of interesting articles, video interviews and audio clips to keep readers bang up to date with news on Hull City Football Club in a modern, fluent website environment.


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