How Does The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Work?

 How Does The Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor Work?


The most common question I hear from women who are considering buying a Lady-Comp is:

“How does the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor actually work?”

The Lady-Comp is a fertility rituals natural hormone free method of birth control (or family planning when you are ready to fall pregnant) based on an easy to use and safe electronic device that notifies you when it is safe or when to avoid getting intimate (aka having sex without protection).

So let’s get into this in a bit more detail.

How Do I Use It?

The designers of the Lady-Comp made fertility monitoring simple. It only takes 30 seconds first thing in the morning to take your temperature (usually orally) and it does all the rest. The reason you take it first thing in the morning is take a consistent record of your basal body temperature. That is, your lowest body temperature that occurs when you first wake before getting up. From there the display will tell you all you need to know.

Is It Safe To Use

Yes! It’s quite remarkable how much our own bodies can tell us and it is easily interpreted using the Lady-Comp. It intelligently learns about your cycle and gives you an indication of the phase you are in. The results have been clinically tested to be 99.3% accurate (compared to the 92% success rate of the birth control pill, for instance). However, just like the pill, you need to be very consistent with the way you use it and not miss a day. All this without the need for hormones or drugs!

The Display

The display itself is digital so it is easy to read. The timer display, along with the other indicators, is in yellow. This allows for the green and red indicator lights (which specify when you are fertile or not) to be clearly recognizable. The simplicity of the easy to read display ensures there is no ambiguity when the results are presented to you while using the Lady-Comp as a form of birth control.

What Does The Red/Yellow/Green Indicator Mean?

The Lady-Comp uses a colored light indicator system similar to a traffic light so you can easily recognize your “safe” and “avoid” times. Below is an explanation of each color.

Green – Since this device was originally made to avoid pregnancy a green light signifies the phases of your cycle when you are not ovulating and therefore you could safely have intercourse without the threat of becoming pregnant.

Yellow – The yellow light indicates the device does not have enough data to provide an accurate result. This can occur if your cycles are irregular or if you’ve missed a few days of recording your temperature. It is best to avoid unprotected sex at this time until the light indicates green.

Red – The red light will come on 6 days before you are due to ovulate. You can only fall pregnant during the ovulation phase of your cycle, which is the day of ovulation and about 6 days before it (as sperm can survive for up to 6 days in the right conditions).

How Does It Know My Cycles



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