Gaia, Our Beauty, Our Earth

 Gaia, Our Beauty, Our Earth



In festival of Earth Day, let us express gratefulness to Gaia.


Gaia is the soul who gifts life on our Earth and is found in all living things. She upholds the creature and plant realm perfectly. She gifts space for humankind to make their mark profound arousing and development regardless of whether their development support her own. She is our unlimited mother, for with out her we would not have a home.


Gaia is a soul we as a whole have come to know as our home, her veneration for humankind is committed and she adores us all. To respect Gaia and show her your effortlessness is to deal with your considerations, words, and activities North Gaia EC as they do impact her solidarity overall. The time has come to adore your reality by cherishing yourself enough to be genuinely answerable for how you treat all things including the world that gifts you life. It is not difficult to say it is different people liability, they do various things, awful and great it is up to one more to act in an unexpected way. This isn’t reality. Truly it is up to every single one of us to find how we add to harmfulness vigorously just as genuinely. The greater part of it accompanies our expressions of non-prosperity. Words are power. Our ideas make physical assets and mischief. The greater part of us play oblivious in this destructive game.


To cherish another is to adore yourself first since, supposing that you are the cause all your own problems how might you serve one more in prosperity? Gaia merits your prosperity. She merits your splendid brain. She merits your high self-esteem. Deal with you first and Gaia who merits the absolute best will be served.


Gifts on Earth Day, May we make sure to treat everything great,


Cynthia Warwick Seiler


Rainbow Institute/Holistic Center for Well Being and Conscious Living


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