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Aside from community-provided song packs, you can also add your own tracks and add your own visuals. Go to mobile version. You don’t need any Torrent ISO since it is game installer.


Dance dance revolution pc free download.Dance Dance Revolution: Supernova


This time however, there are a few new additions such as a single player career mode that further expands DDR’s gameplay. Is it enough to justify purchasing if you already have the last version? Well that’s kind of a tough call. Dance Dance Revolution: Supernova does bring a new song list along with many of the old ones and a single player mode that works decently.

The Stellar Master Mode is a nice addition as it gives you a challenge by requiring specific tasks be completed and gives incentive to continue attempting to reach the next planet. The gameplay is similar to previous versions however as Dance Dance Revolution: Supernova is definitely not a scope of magnitude change from the last version.

The graphics for instance are similar but there are new songs to compliment the old ones. The songs are fun to dance to and the challenge can really be pumped up by increasing the difficulty settings. But if you were expecting a complete overhaul of the game’s engine, forcing players to use their entire body to dance to the rhythm, you’re going to be disappointed. The game still includes the basics, including a mission, endless, training and lesson modes which let you take on songs one at a time or in sets.

The new feature is the party mode where you can play a collection of mini games with or without an EyeToy. The two non-EyeToy mini games are pretty pedestrian, pun intended.

In Hyper Dash you have to out run your opponent, a good exercise game if you are using the foot pad, and in the other you have to feed digital creatures by mashing or stepping on the correct food button for a given animal. There are five mini-games included, most of which are exceptionally fun and almost worth the price of admission. Clean the Screen is a dance mode where you have to continually wipe the screen clean in order to be able to see the dance steps. Coconut Panic is a game that has you shaking trees with your feet and then swatting at falling coconuts with your hands.

Magic Ball is probably one of the best in the lot. It’s basically a complex game of break-out where you use your hands to guide a steel ball into breakable bricks. It’s quite fun and could have easily been a great addition to EyeToy Play.

The two biggest disappointments in the mini-games and actually the whole game are Watch Me Dance and Hands and Feet. There are a number of different modes including workout, Free Play, Lesson, and training.

All are similar to modes in previous DDR games with the exception of the online modes. Now it’s possible to see how you stack up against any number of opponents and generate some real bragging rights. It’s a nice addition and does offer another option when there’s no one else around. Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 obviously isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it definitely has its fans.

If your old DDR game needs a song update along with some new features, give it a shot. Browse games Game Portals.


Dance dance revolution pc free download.Dance Dance Revolution PC Trial Version

There is also different difficulties and speed multipliers that make the sessions more challenging.

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