Book Review of “How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership”

 Book Review of “How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership”


It’s about time. This book compiled from twenty-one authors come from a lifetime of experience. Each contributor in the book entitled “How I Changed My Mind Abou Leadership Coaching t Women in Leadership” is thoroughly educated and experienced in church theology. They have seen and participated in the shifting of inclusion.

To understand the context of agreement under which the topic is discussed, two references are provided. One is the Christians for Biblical Equality statement of faith. The second is a brief glossary of terms including complementarian, egalitarian, feminist, headship, hierarchy and patriarchy.

Three examples that resonated with me were the unwelcome reception received by Billy Graham’s daughter at an early speaking engagement and a similar one received by the widow of Pete Fleming. The one I enjoyed most was from Bonnie Wurzbacher. She is not a pastor but supports women in church leadership. She did graduate from a Christian college and went on to be an account executive in the workforce.

I personally cannot financially afford to attend seminary but encourage ordination of women. I did attend Bible college, Christian schools and a secular university. I have experienced the limitations within the church. I blossomed using my gifts in the work environment. It’s a shame that we get our encouragement outside instead of inside our own churches, even from women.

In Bible college, I responded to a plea for missionaries and was told there was a no divorce policy. A few years later I responded to a plea for a women’s shelter director position and again was



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