Best Corporate Website Designs – Laws From the Top Corporate Websites

 Best Corporate Website Designs – Laws From the Top Corporate Websites


Prepare to Feel Intimidated

The best corporate website designs online are years ahead of their competitors. But   the reasons why might surprise you:

  1. It’s NOT because they are doing cool designs only possible with the latest and greatest technology.
    2. It’s NOT because they have features and functionality no one else can get.
    3. It’s NOT because what they have to talk about is inherently easy to explain or entertaining.

It’s because they apply the science of usability in an elegant and beautiful way.

Take a look – The top sites use readily available technology and functionality. Go to and search for “Most Attractive (39) Corporate Website Designs Of Top Brands.” Notice how these sites all give you a bright, almost happy feeling? Yet not all of them use bright colors. The designs aren’t the same either. Checkout the variety in layout, even though they feel familiar.

These websites are all:

  1. Inviting
    2. Easy to “take in”
    3. Clear

The Web is like… The Web

At the birth of the Internet everyone wanted to know what the web would be like: TV? Newspaper? Catalogue? Magazine?

Turns out, the web is like the web. After a decade of experimentation, there are certain kinds of sites we like to interact with and certain kinds we don’t. When creating the best corporate website designs, realize that the web isn’t about a look, a technology, or a tool. It’s about a feeling.

The Karmic Web

Extensive studies in human computer interaction have shown that people enter a calm state of “flow,” similar to athletes, when they interact with a website that responds with predictable intervals of small chunks of value.

This is why you can page through tons of items on, but struggle to make it through a few pages of eBay. It turns out that there is a way of interacting online that feels right and when a site fails to achieve that it creates a tangible, gnawing feeling in your visitor’s brain.

You’ve probably experiences this. Certain sites just grate on



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