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Attack on Titan 2 also known as A.O.T 2 is an anime or manga video game belonging to the action hack and slash video game genre. The game is an adaptation. Attack on Titan 2 – AVAILABLE NOW. Based on the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” by Hajime Isayama originally serialized in the monthly BESSATSU SHONEN. Attack on Titan 2, free and safe download. Attack on Titan 2 latest version: Battle Enormous Anime Monsters in Attack on Titan 2. Attack on Titan 2 is.

Attack on titan pc game.Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle PC Full Game For Free Download


Attack on Titan 2 follows the plot to the second season of the anime, and fans of the Attack on Titan franchise will love the opportunity to revisit beloved characters, settings and events in an interactive form, allowing them to see new sides to the various characters and explore new corners of the Attack on Titan world.

The game also improves on its predecessor, covering improved omni-directional mobility; this means that players will have greater freedom to move, and be bale to target the Titans wit more precision.

But be warned: the Titans themselves have been given an upgrade, with enhanced AI patterned around the Titans’ behaviour in the anime. Attack on Titan 2 has plenty to offer fans of the franchise. Like the original game in the series, it strives to recreate the thrills and excitement of the anime series, and comes up with a solid gameplay mechanism as a result. Have you tried Attack on Titan 2? Be the first to leave your opinion! We are dealing here with the work of an experienced Japanese studio Omega Force, which has many slashers on its account.

Humanity is in a desperate struggle for survival with gigantic Titans. Protecting against them in cities surrounded by several dozen meters of walls.

As befits a game created by slasher specialists, Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom focuses on turning battles with titular Titans. During the clashes, the player spends most of his time in the air the developer gave away the specificity of the movement using the tool called the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear , circling around the giants and deriving single, precisely targeted attacks.

In short, the game has a lot of content to offer which is why it never makes anyone feel monotonous. The game involves constant learning and mastering of new skills and tactics.

Players have to gain new abilities, learn about resource management, ammunition, and blades. They also have to build new bases with their resources. The game is overall quite enjoyable and immersive. The graphics and other elements portrayed are extremely real and life-like. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle covers the events that occurred in the first 50 chapters of the original anime series Attack on Titan. Besides, it also draws elements from the first two sequels of the video game.

Sometimes players even fail to understand the difference between the Final Battle and the original series because everything has been so flawlessly inculcated into the game. Players can interact with other manga characters in the game. What makes Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle different from the previous sequels and the series is that developers have given an original ending to this installment.

The game is simple and easy to enjoy. The game has a swift pace. Players have to be quick in utilising all options they get. Players are supposed to zip through the skies and not climb buildings. Players need to learn how to fire guns. Aiming is extremely important in this game. Swords can inflict much damage but guns are specially designed when it comes to killing enemies. The game offers a variety of weapons for players to experiment with.

The game retells key moments from the Attack on Titan manga chapters 1 through 33 , which are also covered by the first season of the anime series , in addition to new scenarios involving the key characters. In , when Eren was just 10 years old, the “Colossal Titan” suddenly appeared. Large enough to breach the Wall, it allowed other Titans to rampage through the city. One of them ate Carla, Eren’s mother. With the so-called “Armored Titan” now preventing access, Wall Maria was abandoned and humanity were forced to fall back to Wall Rose.

Having lost his family, his home and his dreams, Eren swore revenge on the Titans. Aiming to become a member of the Scout Regiment, he joined the “th Cadet Corps. Five years after Eren enlisted, the “Colossal Titan” suddenly appeared again.

Eren tried to fight it alone but failed to defeat it. He returned to headquarters and then takes a squad out himself, but the mission was a failure with Eren suffering a terrible injury to his leg and many soldiers being killed. When Armin was about to be eaten by a Titan, Eren sacrifices his life to save him.

Immediately before the Trost District Wall was destroyed by the Colossal Titan, elite members of the Scout Regiment were on a mission outside the Wall. The principal role of the Scout Regiment was to scout beyond the Wall, seeking a way to take back Wall Maria which was lost 5 years previously.

Setting up supply bases in destroyed towns and villages, they sought to secure a route for a large force to make their way to the Shiganshina District, where the Wall was destroyed.

Fighting with the Titans outside the wall as they go, they sought to secure the route while making new discoveries along the way. The brave resistance offered by the Garrison Regiment, combined with the return of the Scout Regiment, was enough to keep Wall Rose safe from the Titans.


Attack on titan pc game. Attack on Titan PC Download

T 2: Final Battle is impressive and exhilarating throughout.


Attack on titan pc game

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