Will a Face Mask Protect You From an Airsoft Gun?


Paintball weapons shoot paintballs that are about ½ inch in breadth at roughly 200 to 300 feet each second. Airsoft weapons can arrive at a speed of 380 FPS at times, however generally speaking, it is practically around 200FPS. So paintball weapons shoot quicker overall. You can without much of a stretch differentiate between the two firearms by the radiant orange tip on airsoft barrels that is absent on paintball weapons.


Nonetheless, paintballs and paintball markers are a lot bigger than the pellets that are shot from the barrels of airsoft weapons. Consequently, airsoft pellets can cause more supported harm if affecting the exposed skin. Real substantial section is conceivable without the appropriate attire, particularly on the face and head. Paintball apparel can and will prevent airsoft pellets from causing substantial harm, however what might be said about the face and eyes?


This is where the appropriate stuff becomes an integral factor. This incorporates goggles, unique dress and facemasks. These things are .243 ammo at each paintball store, yet the inquiry is whether a facemask will safeguard you from an airsoft firearm. The short response is yes BUT with a touch of clarification.


Facemasks are an essential piece of any gamers gear whether the game is airsoft or paintball. A facemask will impede a paintball marker and forestall injury to the face, eyes or ears. In the event that it safeguards you from markers, it will shield you from an airsoft weapon pellet also. Assuming you are asking why that is, it is basic.


The pellet shot from an airsoft firearm is more modest and going at essentially a similar speed as a marker. Typically, the outcome is that it essentially bounces away from innocuously. This doesn’t mean you ought not be extra cautious at this point. I prescribe wearing goggles to expand that facemask. There is generally that remote possibility that a pellet might infiltrate the safeguard and cause harm to the wearer.


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