My Driving


I’m driving along that long dim strip. That long apparently endless strip. 155 miles to work. Believe it or not, 155 miles to work. Every way. 155 miles to work and 155 miles back home. However, this isn’t consistently. I take three (3) Interstates to get to work. They are as per the following:


I-395 in CT. (it used to be called Route 52, presently it is likewise called the ‘American Ex-Prisoner of War Memorial Highway)

I-95 in CT. (additionally called the Connecticut Turnpike)

I-287 in NY. (Additionally called the Cross-Westchester Expressway)


The I-95 area from Greenwich, CT. to I-395 in Killingly, CT. is additionally called the Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike. I drive by or close to six (6) urban communities or towns finishing off with ‘passage’ and they are: Waterford, Guilford, Branford, Milford, Stratford,  บาคาร่าออนไลน์   and Stamford. I drive by or close to three (3) urban communities or towns finishing off with ‘port’ and they are: Westport, Bridgeport, and Southport. I stop at the Travel Center of America or TA (my significant other calls it T&A) in Branford to get my gas. Continuously at Pump # 14 (I surmise I am predictable animal or perhaps I have some OCD). The climate that I have encountered heading to work these beyond 13-years has comprised of the accompanying: thick pea-soup haze, storm like downpour, low temperatures of 10-under zero in winter (with snow floats of shifting levels going from 3ft. to 10ft.) and high temperatures of 105 degrees in summer. There is a statement credited to Mark Twain that says: “In the event that you could do without the climate in New England currently, simply stand by a couple of moments.” You might be asking yourself, did he say 13-years you have been driving this drive? Indeed I have, however for the initial 10-years of those 13 my week’s worth of work comprised of Wednesday (8am until 8:30pm), Saturday and Sunday (both of those days were likewise 8am until 8:30pm). My caution would go off at 3am on Wednesday mornings; I would really get up at some point somewhere in the range of 3am and 3:30am. Then, at that point, I would take off from the house somewhere close to 4am and 4:30am (on days I was running late I would leave around 5am). Then, at that point, drive the 3-to-3-1/2-hour drive to work. Then, at that point, work the 12-1/2-hour shift. Go home at 8:30pm. Drive the 3-to-3-1/2-hour commute home. Return home somewhere in the range of 11pm and 12-12 PM. So that implies I was conscious around 19-hours. Toward the end of the week I would remain for the time being locally on Saturday night. Assuming that I drove home Saturday night I would get somewhere in the range of 3 and 3-1/2-hours of rest. Assuming I stay for the time being I could get 6-hours or more. That is how I helped 10-years. Presently in my new position what began March third 2014 I go to work Monday morning and remain locally until I return home Friday night. My better half simply adores it – NOT! At times when I commute home on Friday and the traffic is genuinely awful it can require 4-hours to return home. In any case, suck-it-up buttercup. You need to do what you need to do. Be that as it may, I am deviating. On my drive these beyond 13-years I have seen various types tags that talks (I have a rundown of 330 up until this point) like ‘NOSOUP4U’ or ‘PPLRSTPD’ and ‘XY GIRL’. I have additionally seen a wide range of drivers and a wide range of driving. Most drivers are great drivers, for example, UPS drivers. Terrible drivers are normally the ones driving the Casino Buses. Yield and Stop signs are discretionary for Rhode Island drivers (as are blinkers). Massachusetts drivers are known as Mass-Holes (for good explanation!). New Jersey drivers know where the gas pedal is without a doubt! New York drivers are daring individuals. I work in Yonkers (articulated ‘Yonk Uzz’) in New York, however the Hospital I work for is in the Bronx (Da Bronx). The people on foot in the Bronx appear to be neglectful of the traffic or perhaps its haughtiness or perhaps they simply couldn’t care less.


Coming up next are the States and Cities I have really determined in:


Arkansas – different urban communities

California – San Diego

Colorado – Denver, Boulder

Connecticut – the entire state

Illinois – Chicago

Maine – different urban communities

Massachusetts – all over

Missouri – Jefferson City

Nevada – Las Vegas

New Hampshire – different urban communities

New Jersey – different urban communities

New York – all over

Ohio – Dayton

Oregon – different urban communities

Pennsylvania – different urban communities

Rhode Island – the entire state (since it is so tremendous!)

Texas – San Antonio

Vermont – different urban communities

Virginia – different urban communities

Washington State – different urban communities

Washington, D.C. (Locale of Columbia)

Canada – Toronto

Britain – Margate, Ramsgate


I have endure driving in every one of the above places my better half actually figures I don’t drive quite well!

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